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branding visualist • graphic designer • lettering artist & instructor


Since college years, I have had an acute appreciation for creativity, colour and composition. That was also when I started lettering as part of my therapy treatment. Little did I know this turned out to be a passion and business a few years later.

As a PR and Journalism major graduate, I garnered a vast experience working in the corporate world across different industries, allowing myself to take up different roles and responsibilities out of my expertise, at the same time learning new things and meeting new people. 

So in 2020, I made the bold step of faith and left my full time job to pursue my passion and to freelance as a brand visualist and graphic designer. This also allows me more time to work on my lettering projects and workshops. 

The road may be tough ahead, but nothing beats the joy of doing what you love and loving what you do. 

It is my goal to be able to create not just beautiful artworks, but also meaningful and inspiring, with the hope of bringing about a positive impact to the community. 




Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

University of the West of England (UWE)

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