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branding & identity • collateral and packaging design

the brief

The client requested a full rebranding project for her stingless bee honey business. The client requested for the logo font to remain the same and to be brought over to the new logo design. She would like the logo to be able to exemplify a stronger brand story of the product, and to portray an expensive and luxurious feel to the brand. 


the concept

I've introduced bright yellow as the primary colour the brand, and added a lined illustration to the new logo, that is made up of the highlands, a honey in between as well as a pair of minimalistic bee wings. 

I've proposed using glass bottles with wooden stoppers as the new honey packaging. Bottles as such are also used for most top-shelf spirits, hence giving the honey an expensive and exclusive look. 

Other than that, I've also designed new carton boxes, gift boxes, gift cards as well as a new e-commerce site for the brand. 

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