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SmileBay Dental

branding & identity 

the brief

This task was assigned to me while I was working as a Marketing and Communications Executive with the group. The founder wanted to give a fresh look to his brand to appeal to a wider group of audience, both local and international, putting the group on the frontline when it comes to providing dental services as well as dental tourism. 


the concept

Most dental clinics use a tooth as an icon to their logo, which portray a straightforward message to the public. But the group already has a strong presence of more than 20 years with more than 7 branches within the state, so I took the bold leap and proposed to remove all dental-related icons and let the name of the group itself be the main brand and logo element. Working with the group itself before taking up this project, knowing how strong and capable the team of dentists are and the excellent services provided also gave me a boost of confidence to propose the idea to the team. 


Taking inspiration from one of Dieter Rams' principles of good design - "Good design is as little design as possible", I proposed that the group should move towards getting their brand recognised just by the name itself, which is more powerful than having a widely used icon which will then be harder for the group to stand out among the rest. 

Using an elegant serif font coupled with light blue and white as brand colours, the new logo looks clean and fresh, at the same time exuding class and exclusivity. 

Personal note : I am forever grateful to Dr Yong, the founder of SmileBay Dental for giving me the opportunity and entrusting me in this project, allowing me to work outside the box, try new things, make mistakes and learning from them. Working with the group has been one of the best experiences I've had in my career life. 

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